Start Up Nation, the Medical Device Industry and Regulatory Environment in Israel

Israel is nothing short of a miracle nation. Less than 70 years ago, it was a minuscule fledgling country with a poor economic basis, no natural resources, only rudimentary government institutions. Against all odds, Israel has become a stable democratic nation with a thriving economy that has become world-leader in innovation and by the determination and desire of its working manpower to do better, makes Israel the “Start-Up Nation”.
Israel is a member of the OECD with a stable international credit rating (A+) equaling that of Japan and Ireland. It has the highest number of companies traded on the NASDAQ after the US and is among the five most innovative nations in the world, according to Bloomberg’s Innovation Index. The Medical Device Industry is one of the leading industries worldwide, this industry requires clear and a strong regulatory system. This lecture will detail both the medical device industry and the regulatory environment.